Event photography- £???
Press and event photography it's what I've been doing my whole life. During more than 300 gigs I've learn what both band and the audience feels during the show. During almost three years of press photography I realised, how to show the emotions caused by the event, how to reflect it in the eyes of participants. If you have a band, organise a concert, prepare for a conference or reunion, feel free to contact me for more details. We will invidually talk about what's going to happen, we will decide how to price it and finally - capture what seems to be crucial for your case.
Workshops- £???
I've always loved to share my passion. No matter if you're just starting your photography journey, or you want to ask for directions when you're a moderate - I will try to show you bases, tips and tricks and ways I've learned in my professional photography life.
Feel free to contact me to book a free meeting, during which we will talk about the time we need to spend on learing, the ways of doing it, the results you want to achieve and individual pricings.
Both groups and individuals are welcome!
Headshots - £120
Do you need a brand new photo that will make your employer trust you from the moment he sees the resume? Are you a promicing white collar worker looking for a new way of presenting yourself to the audience on the professional media? Ask me for a set of headshots that will let you step out of the crowd. 
Portrait photoshoot - £200
Have you ever dreamed of professional photoshoot? Choosing the location, discussing the theme and the details, feeling special and unique? With portrait photoshoots you can! Ask me for your personalised photoshoot and we will create visionary images.
Nude art photoshoot - £200
Have you ever thought of having a nude art photoshoot? Did you look up to the ancient statues, sculpturers and the way the people used to look at the body?
For years I've been learning to respect the body, treat it as a paintbrush on a canvas. It took me five years of assisting before I shot my first nude art photograph. Together, we will think about the way to show your body with fragility, beauty and the innocence of atient Greeks. 

Engagement / wedding photoshoot - £400
Do you want to save emotions from the most important days of your life? Are you wondering if it's possible to show the love on the canvas? 
Type me for an engagement or wedding photoshoot to make sure that your memories will stay with you forever. 
Complete wedding day capture + wedding photoshoot - £1150
Wedding is the most important day of your life. It's the time of love, celebration and joy, but it can also cause you some stress. Can you imagine a photographer being a help, not a trouble for the bride or the groom? 
Give me a call to ask about the details - I will take care of all the photography related detalis to make sure that you will have your special day perfectly captured.